The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Abram S. Hewitt, October 27th, 1886

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New York, Oct. 27, 1886.

I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 26th inst. In reply I can only repeat . . . that I was nominated for mayor without my knowledge, that I was not asked to give any pledge of any kind whatever, by Tammany Hall, or the County Democracy, or by anybody else, and that I have made no other pledge and shall make no other as to the administration of the office, except that I will discharge its duties to the best of my ability, without fear or favor and in the interests of the whole people and not for the benefit of any political party. I do not know how I can make this declaration any stronger, but I would do so if I could. While you only ask a reply for your own personal use, you are at liberty to read or publish the [this] letter in any way you see fit. . . .