The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Andrew Carnegie, December 27th, 1898

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5 West 51st St., New York, Dec. 27, 1898.

My dear Friend: Print your speech[1] in pamphlet form and distribute it and I will be your banker. That is the way in which I can aid the good work. You have brains and I have dollars. I can devote some of my dollars to spreading your brains. I wish to fate you could spread some of your brains over your friend.

Do you notice how Labor is speaking out, and how the Farmers are taking it up? If you could get a plebiscite to-day your Government would be drowned deeper than plummet ever sounded.

Do not lose faith in the Republic or in Triumphant Democracy. It is sound to the core.

Many long and happy years be yours.

  1. Presumably the speech to be delivered in Chicago a few days later.