The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Rutherford B. Hayes, August 27th, 1876

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Sandusky, O., Aug. 27, 1876.

Next Thursday night I am going to make a speech at Cincinnati which I expect to have some influence on the tone of the campaign. I shall have it ready to print on Tuesday evening, so that it may be mailed in slips to the members of the Associated Press East and West on Wednesday. In that speech I take up the Democratic gauntlet and devote myself exclusively to the reform question. Your letter of acceptance with its reform program is, of course, the principal theme of discussion, and I should be glad to submit at least a part of the speech to you before it is printed. I do not find it possible, however, to run over to Columbus from Dayton, where I am to speak to-morrow night, and yet be in Cincinnati in time to superintend the publication, proofreading, etc., on Tuesday. Have you, perhaps, any official or other business calling you to Cincinnati on that day? You would meet also Mr. Friedley, the chairman of the Indiana State committee, who will see me about my appointment in that State. I expect at the same time Mr. Wikoff.

I merely suggest this to you, as it might be well to have your opinion on the propriety of this and that, but, of course, I do not desire to cause you any inconvenience.