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The autobiography of a Pennsylvanian by Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker
To the Family of the Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker

To the Family of the
Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker

It is now a matter of public knowledge that the late Governor Pennypacker wrote, for publication, an Autobiography.

Of the existence of this work he had often spoken to his friends.

A fear exists, on the part of the latter, that a desire to avoid controversy, or the possible injury to someone's feelings may tempt his family to consider having the manuscript edited.

His friends and associates whose signatures are appended, feel that they owe it to his family, to the institutions with which he was connected, and to his memory, to urge that this be not done.

Unaltered, unexpurgated and unedited. Governor Pennypacker's Autobiography constitutes an invaluable historical document, of increasing public interest, perhaps his greatest contribution to the history of the state. And it is in the name of the citizens of Pennsylvania, living and to come, that we urge his family to print his Autobiography exactly as it was written.

Martin G. Brumbaugh, Governor of Pennsylvania.
Thomas L. Montgomery, State Librarian of Pennsylvania.
Samuel G. Dixon, Commissioner of Health of Pennsylvania.
Hampton L. Carson, Former Attorney General of Pennsylvania.
John W. Jordan, Librarian, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Gregory B. Keen, Curator, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Henry R. Edmunds, President of Board of Education of Philadelphia.
Simon Gratz, Vice President, Board of Education of Philadelphia.
John Frederick Lewis, President, Penna. Academy of the Fine Arts.
George Wharton Pepper, Former Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania; Lyman Beecher Lecturer, Yale University; Trustee, University of Pennsylvania.
Henry Shippen Huidekoper, Lieut. Colonel U. S. Volunteers; Major General National Guard of Penna., Retired; Former Overseer of Harvard University.
C. Stuart Patterson, President, Western Savings Fund Society; Director, Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
Charles C. Harrison, Former Provost of University of Pennsylvania.
Frank P. Prichard, Chancellor of the Law Association of Philadelphia.
Edgar F. Smith, Provost of University of Pennsylvania.
Morris Jastrow, Jr., Librarian of University of Pennsylvania.
Edward J. Nolan, Recording Secretary and Librarian of The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
Mayer Sulzberger, Formerly a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas No. 2 during the Presidency of Gov. Pennypacker in that tribunal and later President Judge of said Court.
J. G. Rosengarten, Vice President, Philobiblon Club of Philadelphia.
John Ashhurst, Secretary, Philobiblon Club of Philadelphia.

December 4, 1916.