The complete correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Ernest Jones, 1908-1939/28

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10 March 1910 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Dear Dr Jones,

I am very fond of your letters and papers. Indeed your Hamlet article is excellent and shows you from very favourable sides. I did not recognise it having read the manuscript at W as you remember, it is so much improved. I gave the second copy to the Verein; they are trying to get it translated and published in German if you don't object to it.

I trust by the time going, your talents and your indefategable activity have won for you the place you aspired in America and I am sure material success is soon to follow. And you did succeed by dealing frankly with us and overcoming your own resistance, by criticizing your own character, an excellent constellation.

As for the Congress, we are sorry to have none of you amidst us, but we feel compensated by this year's visit. Perhaps it will be news to you, as it was to me, that Jung has left Europe for America yesterday on bord the "Krozprinzessin Caucilie"; he has been called to Chicago, has to leave the 22d of this month and be present at the Congress the 30th. Smart, is he? Will you take the opportunity to see him?

Your two bits of Self-Analysis are all right. None can contradict you if such are your results.

As for Neuroasthenia I must confess, this topic needs a complete resumption by means of our modern knowledge. As regards the time between the cessation of masturbation and the appearance of symptoms, it is hard to give a general statement. I remember some cases, where the interval was very short.

Your proposition to attack the problems of symbolisms by collective investigation I willingly accept and have instigated Stekel to put it before the Congress. No doubt, it will be executed in the way you intended but Stekel is likely to become the headman of the comitee. It is a good way to get him under control.

The 2d edition of the Sextheorie will come to you in a few days. I am writing a paper on Leonardo da Vinci, Haft 7 angewandte Seelenkunde. The Jahrbuck is under press. I am very busy and in better health, much trouble in my family, sorry to say. After all Putnam may be more correct as regards my age than you. Have you read the article of Hart on the Unconscious? The first clever word upon the matter.

I am yours sincerely, Freud