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Letter to Gov Theophilus Eaton from Messrs Adams and Coalson,
March 26, 1640

Taken from: Albert Bushnell Hart, Commonwealth History of Massachusetts (1927, vol 1) opposite p. 354; and in turn from "College Book No. 1" in the Harvard University Library.

It is No. 4 on the list, and located directly beneath the first draft of the Seal of Harvard College, invented by Henry Dunster, Nathaniel Eaton's successor and so-called "First President of Harvard College".

It is transcribed here exactly as written.

"A coppy of Mr Adams & Mr Coalsons letter to Mr Eaton.

"4.:Mr Eaton,

"After our love remembered to you whereas we understood by your former letter that the monny wch was appoynted heretofore for publique uses was not all yet disposed of. We therefore for our parts, desire that it is yet remayning, may be expended wholly about the building of the New Colledge at Cambridge, in N.England, wch we understand is now erecting. So we Rest your loveing ffriends
Thomas Adams
Christopher Coalson
"26 March 1640.
"This money was wholey put into the hands of my brother Nath:Eaton
&c. Theoph:Eaton

As it is important to the meaning of these two letters, it should be noted that the date of 1647 is underlined on the original document: vis-á-vis: "this money was given to my brother, Nathaniel Eaton, in 1647," and then emphasis added to the year date by the author, Theophilus Eaton.