They're on Their Way to Mexico

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[1st verse:]

They're gettin' ready

They're gettin' ready

We've had a row and now they're going to war

They've got their orders

To sail the waters

With heavy heart they start for a foreign shore

They're not excited

They're just delighted

To go and shake them, make them stand up and roar

Like they never did before


They're on their way to Mexico

Just see those Yankee fighters, foe exciters

Gettin' ready to go

They're on their way to win the day

Just take a look at those Yankee brothers

Waving to their grey hair'd mothers

Goodbye, they're leaving

Goodbye, stop grieving

Don't cry, they're glad to go

They'll make them run like a herd of cattle

They'll know they've had some battle

Way down in Mexico

[2nd verse:]

Come over near them

Come on and cheer them

They've got a right to fight this battle because

They've been invited

To go and fight it

And so they're in to win and they'll never pause

Until they take 'em

And then they'll make 'em

With head erect, respect America's laws

Give three cheers for them because

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