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Pickled Cauliflower

1 Cauliflower 1 Teaspoonful of Whole
2 Tablespoonfuls of Salt Cloves
1 Quart of Vinegar 1 Teaspoonful of White
Mustard Seed

Pull the cauliflower into pieces, put into cold water with the salt, heat gradually and boil five minutes, then drain until dry. Put this into a glass jar. Boil the clove and mustard seed in the vinegar, and pour into the cauliflower, hot. Have it covered with vinegar. Seal while hot.

Green Chopped, Pickle, No. 1

1 Peck of Green 3 Pints of Vinegar
Tomatoes 2 Tablespoonfuls of
6 Large Onions Allspice
4 Green Peppers 2 Tablespoonfuls of
2 Red Peppers Whole Cloves
2 Pounds of Brown Sugar 2 Sticks of Cinnamon
4 Bunches of Celery

Put the tomatoes, onions, and peppers through the meat-grinder, or chop fine, and sprinkle over them one cupful of salt. Let stand over night. In the morning drain off the water, put in the other ingredients, and let come to the boiling-point, then add one ten-cent bottle of horse-radish. Seal in jars having a glass top.

Green Chopped Pickle, No. 2

1 Peck of Green 5 Large Onions
Tomatoes 1 Cupful of Salt
2 Large Cauliflowers ½ Ounce of White
1 Head of White Mustard Seed
Cabbage ½ Ounce of Whole Cloves
3 Pounds of Sugar ½ Ounce of Celery Seed
Vinegar 1 Dessertspoonful of
6 Red Peppers (Seeded) Ground Mace

Put through the meat-grinder, or chop, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, and peppers. Sprinkle over these one cupful of salt and let stand over night. In the morning drain off water, cover with vinegar, and add the other ingredients. Cook until tender.

Chili Sauce, No. 1

6 Ripe Tomatoes 1 Tablespoonful of Sugar
1 Onion 1 Tablespoonful of Salt
4 Green Peppers 1½ Cupfuls of Vinegar

Chop, or put through the meat-grinder, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, add sugar, salt, and vinegar. Boil one hour and seal in jars.

Chili Sauce, No. 2

1 Quart of Ripe 1 Red Pepper
Tomatoes 2 Teaspoonfuls of Salt
1 Cupful of Cider Vinegar 2 Teaspoonfuls of White
1 Onion Sugar

Chop, or put through the grinder, the onion and pepper, then add the other ingredients and cook one hour, uncovered.

Chili Sauce, No. 3

8 or 9 Large Ripe 1 Tablespoonful of Salt
Tomatoes 2 Tablespoonfuls of
1 Large Onion Sugar
2 Red Peppers 1 Teaspoonful of Ginger
1 Teaspoonful of Cloves 1 Teaspoonful of
1 Teaspoonful of Allspice Cinnamon
1 Nutmeg 2 Small Cupfuls of
Chop the onion and peppers fine, mix all together, and cook half an hour. Bottle while hot.

Chow Chow, No. 1

½ Peck Green Tomatoes ¼ Cupful of Ground
1 Large Head of Black Pepper
Cabbage ½ Ounce of Celery Seed
6 Large Onions 2 Pounds of Brown Sugar
½ Pint Grated 3 Quarts of Vinegar
Horse-radish 1 Cupful of Salt
¼ Pound of White
Mustard Seed

Chop or grind tomatoes, cabbage and onions, very fine and salt over night. Next day, drain off the brine, add vinegar and other ingredients, then mix well and put into glass jars. Do not cook.

Chow Chow, No. 2

1 Peck of Green 1 Tablespoonful of
Tomatoes Cinnamon
1 Cupful of Salt 1 Tablespoonful of Cloves
6 Onions 1 Tablespoonful of
6 Peppers Allspice
1 Cupful of Sugar 1 Even Spoonful of
Vinegar enough to cover Ginger
Cut the tomatoes, onions and peppers into small pieces. Put the salt over them and let stand over night. Drain off the liquor the next day and throw it away. Mix all together, cover with vinegar and simmer until tender. Seal in glass jars.

Cold Catsup

1 Peck of Ripe Tomatoes 2 Tablespoonfuls of
2 Tablespoonfuls of Salt Pepper
1 Teacupful of White 4 Red Peppers
Mustard Seed 8 Celery Stalks, or
2 Teacupfuls of Chopped 2 Ounces of Celery Seed
or Ground Onions 2 Teaspoonfuls of Ground
1 Teacupful of Sugar Cloves
3 Pints of Vinegar

Drain the tomatoes well before mixing. Mix together, let stand a few hours and it is ready for use.

Corn Relish

18 Ears of Corn 1 Pint of Vinegar
1 Onion 4 Cupfuls of Sugar
1 Cabbage ½ Cupful of Salt
¼ Pound of Mustard 2 Peppers

Cut the corn from the cob, chop onion, peppers and cabbage, add sugar, salt and vinegar, and cook slowly three-quarters of an hour. Ten minutes before taking from the fire, add a very scant fourth of a pound of dissolved mustard. Seal in glass jars.

Home-Made Cucumber Pickles

Take enough small cucumbers to fill four one-quart jars; wash and sprinkle over them one cupful of table salt; let them remain over night; in the morning, wash and pack in the jars. Add one teaspoonful of whole cloves, one teaspoonful of whole allspice, one teaspoonful of white mustard seed, and two pieces of alum, as large as a pea, to each jar. Fill the jars with boiling vinegar, and seal.

Quickly Made Cucumber Pickle

Take small cucumbers, wipe clean and lay them in a small jar or stone crock. Allow one quart of coarse salt to a pail of water. Boil the salt and water until the salt is dissolved, skim and pour boiling hot on the cucumbers. Cover them tight, and let them stand twenty-four hours, then turn out and drain. Boil as much vinegar as will cover the cucumbers, skimming thoroughly. Put the cucumbers into clean glass jars and pour the vinegar on boiling hot. Put in a piece of alum the size of a bean, and seal. They will be ready for use in forty-eight hours. Add peppers and spice if desired.

Mixed Pickles

2 Quarts of Green ½ Pound of Ground
Tomatoes Mustard
2 Quarts of Cucumbers 3 Cupfuls of Sugar
2 Quarts of Small Onions 1 Ounce of Tumeric
2 Heads of Cauliflower Powder
2 Green Peppers 1 Cupful of Flour
1 Gallon of Vinegar 1 Cupful of Salt
Cut the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cauliflower and peppers into small pieces. Pour over them boiling brine, made of three quarts of water and one cupful of salt. Let this stand twenty-four hours, then pour off the brine. Stir the flour, mustard, sugar and tumeric powder together, and wet with a little of the vinegar, then stir it into the boiling vinegar, as you would make gravy. Put the other ingredients in, and simmer together until all are tender. Seal in glass jars.

Piccalilli, No. 1

1 Peck of Green 1½ Cupfuls of Sugar
Tomatoes ½ Cupful of Salt
3 Pints of Vinegar 2 Large Spoonfuls of
½ Pint of Green Peppers Ground Cloves

Chop all together and simmer three hours.

Piccalilli, No. 2

1 Peck of Green 1 Ounce of Whole Cloves,
Tomatoes Allspice, and
4 Onions Mustard Seed
2 Green Peppers Vinegar to cover
1 Cupful of Salt

Slice the tomatoes, sprinkle over the salt, and let stand over night. In the morning, pour off the water and drain. Slice peppers and onions, tie the spices in a piece of cheese-cloth, put all together, and pour over the vinegar. Let simmer three or four hours, and seal in glass jars. Very good, and not sweetened.

Piccalilli, No. 3

1 Peck of Green 4 Green Peppers
Tomatoes Allspice, Cloves and
1 Cupful of Salt Mustard Seed
6 Onions Vinegar

Wipe clean, cut into small pieces, sprinkle over them a cupful of salt, and let stand over night. In the morning, drain off the liquor, add six onions, four green peppers, sliced thin, one ounce each, of whole allspice, cloves, and white mustard seed. Tie the spices in a muslin bag, cover with vinegar, and cook three or four hours slowly, until very tender, in an agate kettle. This is much nicer if sealed in glass jars.

Tomato Catsup, No. 1

1 Peck of Ripe Tomatoes 6 Cupfuls of Vinegar
8 Onions 2 Cupfuls of Sugar
6 Red Peppers ½ Cupful of Salt
Chop or grind onions and peppers. Put with tomatoes, stew and press through colander, then add the rest of the ingredients and boil until it is thick. Seal while hot in glass jars.

Tomato Catsup, No. 2

1 Pint of Vinegar 1 Tablespoonful of Black
2 Quarts of Ripe Pepper
Tomatoes Allspice
1 Tablespoonful of Salt 2 Pods Red Pepper
1 Tablespoonful of

Peel the tomatoes, add salt, black pepper, mustard, red pepper, and allspice. Mix and stew slowly, in the vinegar for two hours. Strain through a sieve, and cook until you have one quart. Cork in bottles.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Pare off the green rind and all the pink, using just the white of the melon. Cut into large squares. Cover with water, and put in a pinch of alum. Let stand twenty-four hours. Pour off the water and drain. Take enough vinegar to cover, add one teaspoonful of whole allspice, cloves and white mustard seed, and pour over the rind boiling hot. Heat the vinegar three mornings in succession, and pour over the rind while hot. It will be ready for use in a week.