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O'DONOVAN, Fred, Actor. Educated at Diocesan Intermediate School, Dublin; originally employed in a land agent's office; made his first appearance on the stage, at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, with the Irish National Theatre Society, 1.3 Feb., 1908, in the title role of "The Man Who Missed the Tide"; made his first appearance on the London stage, at the Court Theatre, 7 June, 1909, as the Playboy in "The Playboy of the Western World," and the Wandering Songmaker in "Dervorgilla"; has since played the following among other parts: Michael Miskell in "The Workhouse Ward," Robert Emmet in "An Imaginary Conversation," Blanco Posnet in "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet," Naisi in "Deirdre of the Sorrows," Laegerie in "The Green Helmet," Myles Gorman in "Thomas Muskerry," Hyacinth Halvey in the play of that name, Jack Hurley in "Harvest," Malachi Naughton in "The Image," Brian O'Neill in "The Eloquent Dempsev," Jim in "The Glittering Gate," Brian Connor in "The Cross Roads," Martin Whelan in "The Casting Out of Martin Whelan," Hugh Morrissey in "Birthright," Ard in "The Deliverer," the King in "King Argimines," Octave in "The Rogueries of Scapin," Hyacinth Halvey in "The Full Moon," John Clancy in "The Clancy Name," Patsy Ward in "The Love Charm," Aleel in "The Countess Cathleen," Robert Donnelly in "Family Failing," Maurice in "Maurice Harte," James Nugent in "Patriots," Dr. Luke Diamond in "The Bribe," Sergeant Dooley in "Duty," Phil Keegan in "The Supplanter," Andy Rourke in "A Minute's Wait," Thomas Fenton in "The Crossing," Tom Robinson in "The Slough," Robert Emmet in "The Dreamers," Pat O'Malley in "Shanwalla," Stanley Walker in "The Prodigal," Andy Kelly in "Partition," Denis in "The White Headed Boy," Father Tom Moran in "Crusaders," Malachi Phelan in "Fox and Geese," Stephen O'Moore in "The Parnellite," Michael John Dillon in "The Strong Hand," Lucius Lenihan in "The Lost Leader," John Foley in "The Grabber," Shawn Farrahar in "Attonement," Peter Rooney in "The Skipper's Submarine," Gregory Parke in "Sable and Gold," and Flynn in "Flat-iron Flynn"; has also appeared at the Hicks Theatre, July, 1909, as John Waterbury, M.P., in "His Borrowed Plumes," and at the Palace and Coliseum in one-act plays; has also toured through the United States in "The Playboy of the Western World," which was stopped by rioters on the occasion of its first performance at the Maxine Elliott Theatre, New York, Nov., 1911; again appeared in "The Playboy of the Western World," and as Peter Keegan in "John Bull's Other Island," at the Court Theatre, 1921; has a repertory of over one hundred parts. Recns.: walking, motoring, and cycling. Son of Robert Henry O'Donovan, and Lilian Oakes: b. in Dublin, 1889. Address: Abbey Theatre, Dublin.