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O'KELLY, Sean Joseph (Sceilig). (T.D. for Co. Louth, 1919, and for Louth and Meath, 1921); b. at Valentia Island, Co. Kerry; took an active part in Gaelic League movement and was editor of "Banba"; editor of "The Catholic Bulletin" since 1916; President of the Gaelic League, 1919; Deputy Speaker of Dail Eireann, and Secretary for Education; Hon, Secretary Society for Preservation of the Irish Language, Author of "Savthar ar Sian i gCein": "Brian Boirmhe"; "Batha an Athar, "Tioboid," "Maitiu," and other historical works; translator of the play "Liudaidhe Og na Leargadh Móire" (from the English of Seumas Mac Manus); editor of "Leabhar Aithriseoireachta na nGaedhael" (Gill's Irish Reciter). Res.: 4 St. Thomas Terrace, Glasaevin, Dublin.