Thomas Helsby's Account of the Port Louis Murders/Residents of Port Louis as of 26 August 1833

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Residents of Port Louis as of 26 August 1833

William Dickson (Luis Vernet’s storekeeper)
Don Ventura Pasos
Charles Russler
Antonio Vehingar (known in Buenos Aires as Anthony Wagner)
Juan Simon (Capataz i.e. Gauchos’ Foreman)
Faustin Martinez
Santiago Lopez
Pascual Diego
Manuel Coronel
Antonio Rivero
Jose Maria Lune
Juan Brasido
Manuel Gonzales
Luciano Pelores
Manuel Godoy
Felipe Salagar
M. Lattore (the last five being Charrúa Indians, sent to the Falklands by the Governor of Montevideo)
Antonina Roxa
Gregoria Madrid
Carmelita, and her two children
5 Further Gauchos (names unknown)
Charles Bratin (temporary resident)
William Drake (temporary resident)