Zinzendorff and Other Poems/To the Evening Star

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For works with similar titles, see To the Evening Star.
4047541Zinzendorff and Other PoemsTo the Evening Star1836Lydia Huntley Sigourney


Pure Planet! to the darkened west
    Holding thy cresset lone,
Opposing clouds thy course molest,
    And shade thy silver throne;
But soaring o'er the troubled scene
    Unmov'd by frowns of time,
Thou with fair brow and ray serene
    Dost hold thy way sublime.

Oh! that I might like thee discern
    My chequer'd path aright,
And from the Fount that fills thy urn
    Drink undelusive light,
And when that storm which all must meet
    Shall chill my throbbing breast,
Ascending gain that peaceful seat
    Where all the weary rest.