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A Sparrow and a Cat
by Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, translated from Serbian by Wikisource
Serbian English
Врабац и мачка

"Где ћеш, врапче, зимовати?"
- пита мачка врапца стара.
"Овде, онде, -
туда, свуда!"
- тако врабац одговара.

"Где ћеш, врапче, данас ручат?"
- пита мачка врапца стара.
"На крај шора,
наврх ора!"
- тако врабац одговара.

"А где ти је конак, врапче?"
- пита мачка врапца стара.
"Шта те брига?
Погоди га!"
- тако врабац одговара.

"Знаш ли, море, зашт' те питам?"
"Јер си мачка, а ја птица!"
- То је реко
па утеко, -
оста мачка тужна лица.

A Sparrow and a Cat

"Where will you winter, sparrow?"
- a cat asks a sparrow old.
"Here and there, -
and everywhere!"
- that's how sparrow will respond.

"Sparrow, where you'll dine today?"
- a cat asks a sparrow old.
"In a field,
on a tree!"[1]
- that's how sparrow will respond.

"And where are you living, sparrow?"
- a cat asks a sparrow old.
"Why do you care?
You guess where!"
- that's how sparrow will respond.

"Listen, you know why I ask you?"
"You're a cat, and me - a bird!"
- That he said
and then he fled, -
The cat's sadness could be heard...[2]


  1. In the original: At the end of a street, on a walnut.
  2. In the original: The cat stayed with a sad face.

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