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Amores  (16 BCE)  by Ovid, translated from Latin by Wikisource
Her Hair

If there is a need to protect your girl, foolish husband, you must watch for me, at least I will wish more for myself. What is allowed is not pleasing, what is not allowed burns sharply: He is made of iron, whoever loves what another allows. Let us lovers equally hope and fear and the occasional rejection makes a place for prayer. Of what use to me is fortune, which never allows me to fail? I love nothing that doesn’t hurt me. Clever Corinna had seen this flaw in me, She knew the manner by which I was able to be taken. Ah, how often faking pains of a healthy head, She ordered me, delaying, to leave with a slow foot! Ah, how often she feigned fault, and she offered the appearance of being guilty as often as it was possible for an innocent one! Thus when she had angered me and therefore rekindled the dying flames, She was again loveable and fitting for my wishes. How sweet the words, which she was preparing for me! And great gods, what kind and how many kisses she was giving! You also, who recently snared my eyes, Often pretending fear, often having been asked, denied. [INCOMPLETE, REST COMING SOON]