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by José Asunción Silva, translated from Spanish by Wikisource
Translation by Zach Powell.

Poor John of God, after the extasy
    of the love of Ancieta, he was unfaithful.
He went through three months of grave bitterness,
    and after slowly suffering,
He cured himself with copal and with the capsules
    of Sandalo Midy.

Later in love with the hysterical Luisa,
    sentimental blonde,
He became thin, and was becoming consumptive
    And after a year and a half or more
He cured himself with bromine and with the ether
    capsules of Clertán.

Later, disillusioned with his life,
    the subtle philosopher,
He read Leopardi and Schopenhauer
    and in a moment of spite,
He cured himself for good with the capsules
    of lead from a gun.

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