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From epigrams  (1872) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
[„Z fraszek” in: Władysław Tarnowski ps. Ernest Buława „Nowe Poezye Ernesta Buławy”, Seyfarth i Czajkowski, Lwów, 1872, p. 146.]

(To music).

I sing her portrait … when flowers on meadows
Foreheads bow before going with a smile,
I sing her portrait … when hair and garment
Wind preens a groves spring breath –
I sing her portrait …. with little birds morning
When they hum her in the sun without ceasing
I sing her painting, when too happy
My soul, dressed her soul in rainbow,
I sing her portrait, when I chase for her,
When she runs away in the rocky seclusion…
When I goodbye her … when I expect …
When they kiss her … I sing her portrait …!