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Central People's Liberation Board

of Vojvodina /GNOOV/
Internal affairs division
 Number: 1040/1945 
14th of May 1945 year

Novi Sad.

It is happening that many Croats are entered up as Bunjevacs and Šokacs in columns where nationality is marked, and not as Croats for example: in identity documents, various records and lists, and that often happens by their explicit request or by will and discretion of respective clerk.

Given that Bunjevac and Šokac nationalities do not exist, you are therefore ordered that all Bunjevacs and Šokacs you have to treat exclusively as Croats regardless of their statement.

In various counties and places, where so far they are entered up as Šokacs and Bunjevacs it has to be rectified and marked as Croats especially in identity cards, electoral lists, travel permits and various other lists by nationality. In future they have to be entered up solely as Croats. All so far issued identity cards and documents, where they are marked as Bunjevacs and Šokacs, will have to be destroyed and new ones issued, issuing of new identity cards must not be charged from people.

You are given as your duty that about this immediately inform all city and municipal boards, and over them local [boards], that this as soon as possible they unconditionally do, and you must take care, that this is surely executed and report on what is done.

Death to Fascism - Freedom to the people!

of the internal affairs division

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