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God's lamb  (1874) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
Baranku Boży!” published in vol. „Lutnia. Piosennik polski”, Vol. 3, publ. F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1874, pp. 4-6.
(Dedicated to Albert.)

O clean, bright, with blood-stained fleece,
As you rose from under executioners’s knives,
As my Poland will get up from Your lightning,
                 God's lamb!

In tears and ashes, on tumuli of brothers,
With blood-stained garment with the tears, on knees,
O look on Poland rising from under the knives,
                 God's lamb!

To you I remember in tears my homeland,
Her I end my song – and song I begin,
O clean, bright, rising from under the knives,
                 God's lamb!

They from Bar turned eyes to You,
Dying with protestantion, [1] which death doesn’t frighten;
[By] so many innocents, the enemy stains Your fleece,
                 God's lamb!

But day comes, foretold by the people’s song,
Oh day, when you will arise in Poland from under Your knives,
And you will come back on the world with Polish flags
                 God's lamb!

Let the ground shakes! – crack marbles,
That Justice rises from under the knives,
Greet among clap of thunders, purple of blood,
                 God's lamb!

Look, that skeletons rises from under the ground!
The bones of exiles, gone away from knives of the enemies,
They rush to rest between family,
                 God's lamb!

Like You on the cross, there! hangs crucified,
Dead by falseness, from satanic knives –
As You, rise our holy Poland,
                 God's lamb!

But hurry to us with holy manna of haevens,
Because petrifies, who frightens about the country,
Who saw mother on cross crucify,
                 God's lamb!

  1. Protestancja – protestantion – the protest of the Bar Confederation.