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Imperial Decree on Day Three of June (lunar calendar)  (1901) 
by Guangxu, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
  • 蓋此時直東兩省之亂黨已鎔成一片,不可開交矣。朝廷非不欲將此種亂民下令痛剿,而肘腋之間,操之太蹙,深恐各使館保護不及,激成大禍,亦恐直東兩省同時舉事,將兩省教士教民使無遺類,所以不能不躊躇審顧者以此。

At this time, the rebel gangs have covered wide areas of Hebei and Shangdong, the situation was extreme. The Imperial Court did not tolerate these bandits intentionally, in reality, the Court was caught in surprise, if all the military force was to be sent to combat boxer bandits, then the protection of the legations may fall into inadquacy, resulting in even bigger disaster, moreover, if boxer bandits were to rebel at the same time in Hebei and Shangdong, all the priests and christian converts will not be left alive, this is why the Court is taking a cautious line.

  • 且中國即不自量,亦何至與各國同時開釁,並何至恃亂民以與各國開釁。此意當為各國所深諒。以上委曲情形,及中國萬不得已而作此因應之處,該大臣等各將此旨詳細向各外部切實聲明,達知中國本意。

Even if China had badly over estimated itself's own capacity, China has no reason to conduct warfare against the foreign powers simultaneously, China has no reason to use bandits to conduct warfare against foreign powers. Foreign powers must understand and forgive China for being in this situation. This twisting and winding situation, forcing China to make a last resort decision, a short term last minute decision just to get by, the relevant minister should make sure that all foreign powers understand the full meaning of this decree.

  • 現仍嚴飭帶兵官照常保護使館,惟力是視。

The legations are protected by Imperial soldiers with force.

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