Translation:Imperial Decree on Day Twenty First of June (lunar calendar)

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Imperial Decree on Day Twenty First of June (lunar calendar)  (1901) 
by Guangxu, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
Two decrees were issued on this day. The first one is to declare that all foreign priests, merchants and diplomats are to be placed under protection of the Qing Dynasty. Also, bandits and rioters are to be suppressed and punished. On the second decree, Righteous Harmony Boxer is mentioned alongside the Imperial Troops, and the Boxer groups had been awarded by the Manchu Court. Even though the decree was issued in the name of Guangxu Emperor who was in effect under house arrest, the real power was in the hands of Empress Dowager.

Decree one[edit]

This war was started because of conflict between christian converts and Righteous boxer, also because of Taigu Fort was being occupied by foreigners. Diplomatic relation is important, Imperial Court will not terminate it lightly, several decrees with clear instruction of offering protection towards diplomatic legation had been issued, priests in all provinces are also to be protected. Now that the war has not ended, there are many foreigners doing business in China, all these people must be protected. It is the responsibility of all military commanders, viceroys, and ministers to have a clear list of all the foreign merchants and priests in every trading cities and towns and county, protection must be offered according to diplomatic treaty, all conditions must be strictly adhered to.

Last month Japanese diplomatic clerk was killed under strange circumstances, not long after that a German diplomat was murdered. The German diplomat was on official duty, his murder was regrettable. The murderer must be arrested and charged. All the foreigners and priests that had been murdered and property lost, Peking Government and Hebei Viceroy are to conduct thorough investigation, and report to the Imperial Court. Recently many bandits rioters burning and looting, disturbing peace, is not to be repeated. All viceroys and military commanders are to conduct investigations, to suppress and prosecute, to prevent future disturbances. This decree is to be distributed widely. Guangxu Emperor signed here.

Decree Two[edit]

Since the war between China and the Foreign Powers has begun, Empress Dowager has several times been awarding Righteous Boxer Groups with cash from the Royal coffers. The kind rewards from the benevolent Empress will only increase, it shall not cease. In this difficult times, the boxers commanders and soldiers should be thankful of these awards, and to be worthy of these rewards, and aim for great achievement on the battle fronts. Any of you who are brave and powerful during combats, have killed some enemies and achieve good results, there will be substantial awards. If anyone retreat from the battle front, too afraid to charge forward, will be executed on the spot, the commander will be charged with military laws. Taigu Fort had been captured by the foreign soldiers, Yulu, Lo Yongquang and troops, plus Righteous Boxer Groups to go and try to recapture it from the foreign soldiers, no delay shall be tolerated. Strict discipline is of first priority for soldiers, any soldiers who are into looting and disturb the local county, soldiers involved shall be executed immediately, their commanders shall be charged with military laws. If the superior officials and ministers cannot controlled the soldiers, all of them will be severely charged. This is a formal warning. Guangxu Emperor signed.

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