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King Aridarma who Understood Animal Language
by Unknown, translated from Javanese by Wikisource

King Aridarma who Understood Animal Language.

Once upon a time there was a king called king Aridarma, who went hunting in the forest, where he saw a dragon princess, Nagini, mating with an ordinary snake.

Then he hit Nagini, who returned home crying, and killed the snake for its impropriety. Thereupon, the Dragon King asked his daughter why is she crying, and she said that king Aridarma wanted to rape her. The Dragon King was enraged wanting to kill him, and then he went to the palace of king Aridarma. There he changed his shape, becoming a little snake, and was hiding himself under the bed of the king where he listened to entire story, so that it turned out his daughter was wrong.

Then king Aridarma was given the blessing of the possibility to understand animal language, under the condition that he must not tell that to anyone.

Afterwards, king Aridarma was making love with his wife. And then there was a couple of wall lizards above him who were commenting about how the king is together with his wife. Then the king roared with laughter. The queen went angry because she thought he is laughing at her, then King Aridarma explained to her, but she still didn't want to understand him, so it’s better to die if he doesn't explain her. King Aridarma agreed and even wanted to die himself, as he loved his wife.

In the end, a funeral pyre was prepared and they together prepared to die by jumping into the fire. Suddenly, a couple of goats appeared from the bushes. The female was pregnant and asked the male to take leaves from the funeral pyre. The male was unwilling, while the female wanted to die. As you wish, the male said, he is not like King Aridarma who listens to the words of his wife. King Aridarma was stunned and then didn’t go on to throw himself in the fire. Next, the queen and the female goat jumped into the fire. King Aridarma returned to his palace.

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