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Last testament of Louis Riel  (1885) 
by Louis Riel, translated from French by Wikisource
Revolutionary Canadian Métis leader Louis Riel's final wishes, regarding his writings and his wishes for his body, after his execution. The document is held by the McCord Museum.

I, undersigned, hereby make the Reverend Father Alexis André as my executor towards the subject of my writings. My wish is that my writings are given to him, and that he cares for them, and any publication is also left to him.

I ask of Reverend Father Alexis André to see that my body is transported to Saint Vital for it to be displayed there for an amenable time,

And I will need the most feverent prayers to accompany my spirit before the eternal judge and Trinity who rules the heavens.

I charge Father André, as my good confessor and spiritual advisor, to see, with my family, that I receive the grace of a Christian burial.

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