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Let's get ready  (1865)  by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
(Song for colleagues.)
Ernest Buława’s original text of song published in "Lutnia. Piosennik polski.", Zbiór 2, F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1865 y., p. 62.

In the day and in the night, alone or in family's
Let's get ready!

At the day of sadness, in a hour of pleasures
Let's get ready!

Or to take up arms and – hurray! charge bayonets
Let's get ready!

Or in the night of mine to deadly winning-post [1]
Let's get ready!

Or to come back with glory and defeat of an enemy's
Let's get ready!

Or to appear as the spirit – in this moment before the God
Let's get ready!

Stanin, 1863.

  1. Mines were long ago heavy prisons, for criminals and sometimes for soldiers taken to captivity, or insurgents. Especially if in the intention of government was additional humiliate them. Mortality in such prisons was high. (Wikisource contributor note)