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Likutei Halakhot
by Nathan of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource

Likutei Halakhot


the Shulchan Arukh Orach Chayim

by the Rav the Genius, the Righteous, the Holy Light, the Living Man, Great of Works, Our Master and Teacher Rav Natan, the Memory of the Righteous and Holy be for Blessing, the Distinguished Student of Our Lord, Master and Teacher, the Truly Great, the True Holy Genius, Gushing Brook, Source of Wisdom, Light of Israel and His Holiness, Our Master and Teacher the Great Rav Nachman, the Memory of the Righteous and Holy be for Blessing, Composer of the Holy Books Likutei Moharan and Other Books.

And this collection is made by order of his Brilliant Rav mentioned above, to explain and revelate on every halakhah (law) of the Shulchan Arukh, to find support and taste/reason on every halakhah in the way of the wisdom of truth and mussar of intelligence and wonderful and awesome advices and powerful and exalted encouragement to no end and without limit, that every man should strengthen himself to draw close to Hashem Yitbarakh, at each and every level, from any place that he be, whoever he be, and all of them are founded on gold bases, and all the collections from the Brilliant and Pious One mentioned above were copied and collected by his student, the Rav, the Great Light, our Teacher the Rav Natan mentioned above.