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Map of the Alods of St Bercharius
by Bercharius, translated from Latin by Wikisource
A translation of the Latin testament of St Bercharius that established the Abbey of Montierender.

I, Bercharius, in the name of Christ, abbot. He in God's name can bring salvation to our soul cum ad loca Sanctorum aliquid voluntate bon fuerit condonatum: and therefore, by this letter of donation, to the monestary whose name is Puteolus above the river Vigere quod proprio labore, donatione adjutorio regum edificavimus, I give on this day our inheritance in the villa Diseio above Ligerim under the river Crete with its attachments that which is quicquid visus that I have in Cavannas, in Saviniaco, in Balgiaco, in Britello, in Musciaco, in Bisciaco, in Crisceio, in Cassiniaco, in Abloniaco, where there is a chapel in honor of Saint Anianus, in Gravisio, in Lamina there, in Nuhileio, in Lusceio, in Sacros, in Nuisigolo, in Sorgenio, in Virgenio, in Aliaco, in Montiniaco, in Cartal, and in Serziaco.

And everything mentioned above of ours from the paternal and maternal inheritance legally goes to it (obvenit), even the land and the houses, the buildings, manicipiis ibidem commanentibus, which at this time we see held, everything as a whole, such that everything mentioned above to the mentioned monastery may be in dominion, so that they in perpetuity may profit in augmentum ; and the monks there must pray day and night for my sins, for the kind and for the sins of the whole people, and if someone would--which we do not believe--rise in heresy or against our prohibitions against this letter of dontaion, in primis vita propria careat, atque cum stirpe sua captivus deserviat and just as Sodom and Gomorrah are stricken in this current age, similarly stricken be his powers and his house. And may this be the form of the donation for all time and remain inviolate under these stipulations.

Given in the City of Reims, on the 3 day of September, in the reign of the Lord and glorious Childeric, in the 4th year of his reign (i.e. August 30th, 663).

The Seal of Nivard, Archbishop.
Sign of Leodegar, Bishop of Augustidenens.
Sign of Atelan, Bishop of Lyon.
Sign of Mummolenus, Bishop of Noviomensis.
Sign of Hermarius, Abbot.
Sign of Hilduinus, Abbot.
Sign of Bercharius, Abbot, who ordered to have this map of the donation made.

I, Leocardius of the chancelery, wrote this.