Translation:Mishnah/Seder Moed/Tractate Pesachim/Chapter 10/1

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Hebrew Text[edit]

ערבי פסחים סמוך למנחה,
לא יאכל אדם עד שתחשך.

ואפלו עני שבישראל לא יאכל עד שיסב.

ולא יפחתו לו מארבעה כוסות של יין,
ואפלו מן התמחוי.

English Translation[edit]

On the eve of Passover [from] close to [the time of] the afternoon offering,
no one must eat until nightfall.

Even the poorest person in Israel must not eat [on the night of Passover] unless he reclines.

And they must give him no fewer than four cups of wine,
even [if he receives relief] from the charity plate.


In the Babylonian Talmud, the discussion of Mishnah 10:1 begins on Pesachim 99b.