Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 2/6

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Hebrew Text[edit]

המקדש שתי נשים בשווה פרוטה,
או אישה אחת בפחות משווה פרוטה —
אף על פי ששלח סבלונות לאחר מכן,
אינה מקודשת;
שמחמת קידושין הראשון שלח.
וכן הקטן שקידש.

English Translation[edit]

One who betroths two women with the equivalent value of a perutah,
or a single woman with less than the equivalent value of a perutah —
even though he sent betrothal gifts after this,
she is not betrothed;
for it was on account of the original betrothal that he sent [them].
And similarly a minor who betrothed.


One who betroths two women: Polygyny (marriage to multiple wives) is not forbidden by ancient Jewish law. A prohibition was enacted by Gershom ben Judah in the 10th century, about eight hundred years after the Mishnah was composed.

even though he sent betrothal gifts: The betrothal gifts are not considered to enact the betrothal, even though they ostensibly demonstrate an intent to betroth, and would enact betrothal were they given for that express purpose.

similarly a minor who betrothed: The case is where betrothal gifts were sent after his reaching majority.