Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 3/10

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Hebrew Text[edit]

האומר לאישה קידשתיך,
והיא אומרת לא קידשתני —
הוא אסור בקרובותיה,
והיא מותרת בקרוביו;
והוא אומר לא קידשתיך —
הוא מותר בקרובותיה,
והיא אסורה בקרוביו.

English Translation[edit]

One who says to a woman, "I betrothed you,"
and she says, "You did not betroth me" —
her relatives are forbidden to him,
and his relatives are permitted to her.
[One who says to a man,] "You betrothed me,"
and he says, "I did not betroth you" —
her relatives are permitted to him,
and his relatives are forbidden to her.