Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Sotah/Chapter 1/8

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Hebrew text[edit]

English Translation[edit]

Shimshon went after others with his eyes - therefore the Phillistines cut out his eyes, as it states, (Judges 16, 21): "And the Phillistines took hold of him and cut out his eyes." Avshalom gloried in his hair - therefore he was hung by his hair; And inasmuch he cohabited with ten prostitues of his father - therefore he was pierced with ten lances, as it states (Samuel 2, 18:22): And the ten men, the officers of Yoav, surronded him"; and in as much that he stole three hearts, the heart of his father and the heart of the courts and the heart of Israel, as it states: (Samuel 2, 15:6) And Avshalom stole the heart of the men of Israel" - therefore he was pierced with three darts, as it states: (Samuel 2, 18:14) "And he took three darts in his hand and pierced the heart of Avshalom".