Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Sotah/Chapter 3/4

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She will not be done drinking until her face turns green and her eyes protrude and her veins become filled, and they say ‘Take her out,’ so the enclosure does not become defiled. If she has an aquittal, she will have a suspension. There is a suspension of one year, there is a suspension of two years, and there is a suspension of three years. From here Ben Azzai says, a man is bound to teach his daughter Torah, that if she drinks, she will know that the aquittal is hung to her. R. Eliezer says, every one that teaches his daughter Torah, these teach her folly [or, lasciviousness]. R. Yehoshua says, a woman wants in a minimum amount and folly; from nine minimum amounts and piety. He would say, a pious man is foolish, and a villain is naked, and a woman is pure/sanctimonious..., thus these are from the vessels of the world.