Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nezikin/Tractate Shevuot/Chapter 1/7

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Hebrew Text[edit]

אחד ישראל, ואחד כוהנים, ואחד כוהן משיח.
ומה בין ישראל לכוהנים לבין כוהן משיח?
אלא שדם הפר מכפר על הכוהנים
על טומאת מקדש וקודשיו.
רבי שמעון אומר:
כשם שדם השעיר הנעשה בפנים מכפר על כל ישראל,
כך דם הפר מכפר על הכוהנים.
כשם שווידוייו של שעיר המשתלח מכפר על ישראל,
כך וידוייו של פר מכפר על הכוהנים.

English Translation[edit]

It is the same for an Israel, for the Priests, and for the Anointed Priest.
And what is the difference between an Israel, the Priests and the Anointed Priest?
Only that the blood [service] of the bull atones for the Priests
for [their sins involving] the impurity of the Temple and its sacred objects.
Rabbi Shimon says:
Just as the blood [service] of the he-goat which [has its blood service] performed Inside atones for all Israel,
so the blood [service] of the bull atones for the Priests.
Just as the confessions of the Sent He-goat atone for Israel,
so the confessions of the bull atone for the Priests.


It is the same: This line continues from the previous mishnah, which states that all sins whose atonement is not otherwise specified are atoned for by the Sent He-Goat. (see mishnah 6) Israel: A 'regular' Jew. In our context, not a Priest. Annointed Priest: The High Priest, or Kohen Gadol. the bull: two sacrifices alone have their blood service performed in the Holy of Holies, on Yom Kippur. One is the he-goat mentioned in previous mishnahs, and the other is this bull.