Translation:Mishnah/Seder Zeraim/Tractate Orlah/Chapter 1/7

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What is the status of the ancillary parts of trees and vines?

Hebrew Text[edit]

העלין והלולבין ומי גפנים והסמדר--מותרין בעורלה וברבעי ובנזיר, ואסורין באשרה. רבי יוסי אומר, הסמדר אסור, מפני שהוא פרי. רבי אליעזר אומר, אף המעמיד בסרף העורלה, אסור. אמר רבי יהושוע, שמעתי בפירוש, שהמעמיד בסרף העלין, ובסרף העיקרין--מותר; בסרף הפגין--אסור, מפני שהוא פרי.

English Translation[edit]

Leaves, sprouts, the sap of vines and vine buds, are permitted regarding orlah, revai [fourth year produce, which have similar laws as ma'aser sheni] and to a nazir, but are prohibited from an [idolatry] asheirah [tree]. Rabbi Yose says: vine-buds are prohibited because it is in fact a fruit. Rabbi Eliezer [maintains that all sap, even from non-fruit trees are considered as fruit and] says: If one curdles milk with the resin of orlah, it is prohibited [the halachah does not follow Rabbi Yose nor, Rabbi Eliezer]. Rabbi Yehoshua said: I have heard explicitly, that if one curdles with resin of leaves, or, the resin of roots, it is permitted, but, if with the resin of unripe fruit, it is forbidden, because they are considered fruit.