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Naples  (1875) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
The oryginal poem "Neapol" in letter to Teofil Lenartowicz from 23 January 1875; this poem was quoted in: „Listy Teofila Lenartowicza do Tekli Zmorskiej 1861-1893" , Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warsaw, 1978, letter 153 from 22 June 1878, p. 241.

Here before low stars on the sky
Alone and lonely I remembered you.
When over infernal abyss of Vesuvius
Moon went down as silver holy host on the blue
I mused in bitterness, that miserable is life,
The Crater is the heart, and the soul is the Moon.
And when wimple from the crater blew the mourning,
I cried for you.