Translation:Odes (Horace)/Book III/30

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Odes Book III.30
by Horace, translated from Latin by Wikisource
2719586Odes Book III.30Horace

I constructed a monument of pyramids more durable than bronze

and higher than a royal site,

which the greedy rain, the raging North Wind

would not be able to tear apart or countless

series of years and flight of time

I would not entirely die and a large part of me

will avoid Libitina; fresh, I continually

would grow with future praise, while

the high priest will climb the Capitol with a quiet maiden.

I will be said, where raging Aufidus roars

and where Daunus, poor in water,

ruled over rural people, influential from a humble beginning,

as a leader, I will be said to have composed Aeolian poetry

according to Italian meters. Take up pride,

having been sought, with merits and for me,

Melpomene, you willingly crown hair with a Delphic laurel.