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On one May morning  (1938) 
by Halina Weinstein, translated from Esperanto by Wikisource

Sunny May morning. Silence on hospital corridors, silence outside, in all nature, silence in my soul
The blue of the sky looks at me gently and serenely; covered with green foliage and buds, it whispers in a friendly way a story that brings peace to the soul, great peace.
Birds chirp without care - their morning song goes out, a song of thanks, for the sun, for the blue of the sky, for joy…
Spring! Spring!
On the ground it threw a bundle of warm rays from the sun, addressed the ground with a plow, thunder, with the first storm, passed over the firmament a multicolored rainbow, tore sorrow and doubt from souls, begin singing a hymn of joy…
Through a wide-open window it penetrated into my room, peering into my eyes deep, very deep.
My soul wept on this May morning, my heart trembled violently… Oh, leave these hospital walls, run away from this white bed, go forward, into that joy and spring, join with that spring hymn, hymn of joy and happiness
Oh, spring! *** I sit on the bed, throw away the blanket
Pain pierces the heart…
A sign! *** I fell back on the bed. Tears flow from under closed eyelids…
Oh, Sun! Spring! I extend my arms to you!

Halina Weinstein.

In University Clinic, Nowogrodzka 59, room 91, Warsaw

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