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On the Leliwa of Tarnowski  (1563 or 1565) 
by Jan Kochanowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
Jan Kochanowski „Na Leliwę Tarnowskich” („On the coat of arms of Tarnowski”) in 1st edition: „Szachy”, Kraków, 1563 lub 1565. In later editions, (among other) in: Jan Kochanowski „Szachy”, publ. Drukarnia Macieia Wirzbięty, Kraków, 1574, next page after the title page, (unnumbered pages).
Jan Kochanowski „Na Leliwę Tarnowskich” in: „Szachy”, publ. Drukarnia Macieja Wierzbięty, Kraków, 1574, next page after the title page, (unnumbered pages).

You, – new moon, set in happily! [1][2]
With such weather and so healthy for people [3]
Like this who passed, after which you arise
And let's be glad, that you does not set quickly. [4][5]

  1. Or „Come happily! you, – new moon,”
  2. Literally: „Set in happily! you, – new moon,” But, for the rhyme: „You, – new moon, set in happily!”
  3. Or „so healthy for men”
  4. Or „that you go down not soon.”
  5. The epigram dedicated to Jan Krzysztof Tarnowski, (son of Hetman Jan Tarnowski), with the wish (prophecy), which did not fulfil itself.