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The Ploughing of Marko Kraljević
Unknown, translated from Serbian by Wikisource

This translation of the poem attempts to preserve its original meter. Note that some grammatical errors exist in the translation for the sake of meter; this is intentional, as there are grammatical errors in the original with the same purpose.

138022The Ploughing of Marko KraljevićUnknown

Wine is drinking, he, Kraljević Marko
With old woman, mother Jevrosima,
And when they have drank themselves with wine,
Mother started then talking to Marko:
"Listen my son, you Kraljević Marko,
I tell you to leave your warmongering,
For the evil never brings out the good,
And your mother got herself way too bored
all day washing your blood-stained clothes!
But you do take both a plough and oxen
And then you plough through some hills and valleys
Then you sow there some nice white wheat, my son,
Then you can feed both yourself and me too."
There did Marko listened to his mother:
He did then took both a plough and oxen;
But did not plough through some hills and valleys,
But he ploughed through roads of the empire.
From there go some Turkish Janissaries,
They do carry some three loads of treasure,
And then they say to Kraljević Marko:
"Listen, Marko, don't you plough our roads!"
"Listen, you Turks, don't you walk my fields!"
"Listen, Marko, don't you plough our roads!"
"Listen, you Turks, don't you walk my fields!"
And when Marko got way too bored with it,
Rose did Marko both his plough and oxen,
And then he killed all Turk Janissaries
And he took them all three loads of treasure,
And carried them to the his old mother:
"This have, today, I ploughed out for you!"

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