Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Choshen Mishpat/148

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Paragraph 1- If someone went overseas and lost a path to his field, each of his neighbors can push him aside and say that perhaps the path he had was with another neighbor, whether the four fields belonged to four different individuals or four individuals purchased them from one seller. Thus, the field-owner will need to acquire a path for 100 maneh or fly in the air.

Paragraph 2- Similarly, if the four fields belonged to one person, who acquired them from four people, the field-owner would not have a claim of a path against him because the neighbor can tell him that if he would now return the document to each seller he would not be able to pass through any of the neighboring fields and he acquired whatever rights the sellers had. If the owner of the four surrounding fields was one individual, however, and he was always the neighbor, the field-owner can tell him that at a minimum he has some rights to a path and he will go on the shortest path or [See Sma] whichever field the neighbor prefers. If an individual took possession of a path via the rules of obtaining a presumption and he claims this is his path, we would not remove him without a strong proof.