Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Choshen Mishpat/196

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Paragraph 1- A gentile-slave has the status of real property with respect to his acquisition and can only be acquired via money, document, taking possession or a handkerchief-kinyan. He can also be acquired via pulling such as where the master grabs him and bring him towards him as will be discussed below.

Paragraph 2- How does one effect a kinyan of slaves by taking possession? The slave must work for the master in the manner that one works his slaves. If the slave is not in the presence of his original master, the transferor must tell the transferee, “go, take possession and acquire.”

Paragraph 3- How so? If the slave removed the master’s shoes, put on his shoes, brought his clothing after him to the bathhouse, took off his clothing, smeared him, scrubbed him, dressed him or lifted him up, the master would acquire him. There are those who say the same is true if the master lifted the slave.

Paragraph 4- If the slave did work for the master that does not involve the master’s person, such as where he sewed him a garment or something similar, the master would acquire him. There are those who say he would not acquire him.

Paragraph 5- If master grabbed the slave and brought him towards him, he will have acquired him. If he called the slave and he came to him or if the first master told him to go to the buyer and he went on his own, however, the second master will not have acquired him. If he is a minor slave and he called him and the slave came to him, he will have acquired him.