Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Choshen Mishpat/210

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Paragraph 1- A person cannot transfer possession to someone not yet in existence. Thus, if one acquires on behalf of another’s fetus, he will not acquire, even if he said the child should acquire once he is born. This is not like those who disagree and hold that if the party taking possession did not die or retract prior to the child’s birth and he took possession via pulling and the item is still in his possession when the child was born that he would acquire if he said the baby should acquire when born. If he took possession for his own child, he would acquire, even if he did not say it should take effect once born, so long as his wife was already pregnant at the time of the gift. A grandson has the status of another’s child. There are those who say, however, that one can only acquire for his own child in the case of a dying-man gift, but he cannot acquire in the case of a healthy-gift.

Paragraph 2- If one transferred his properties to his animals or someone not yet in existence and subsequently told another person to acquire the property just as this animal or fetus did, he will not acquire anything.

Paragraph 3- If the transferor told the transferee that he and this animal or he and this fetus should acquire his properties or such and such item, he would acquire half the item. If one transfers an item to a dead person, he would acquire anything that is for his burial or honor.