Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Choshen Mishpat/315

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Paragraph 1- Real property is rented using one of the methods that one can acquire real property. There is no overcharge on rental of real property just as there isn’t with respect to the sale of real property.

Paragraph 2- Just as one can make whatever condition he wants on a sale, so too can he make a condition on rentals. Anything one has the ability to sell, he has the ability to rent out. Anything he cannot sell, he cannot rent out unless he just has rights to the fruits of the real property, in which case he can rent out but cannot sell.

Paragraph 3- If one rents a house from another and claims it was rented on the condition that he could bring other tenants in, and the landlord contradicts him, the landlord would swear that he did not make this condition. The same applies to all claims between them. See above 312:16 and later 316:2.

Paragraph 4- If Reuven rented a lad to serve him, and Shimon told him he can rely on him to pay him whatever he loses while the lad is in his home, even if there was no kinyan, Shimon would be liable, because all conditions on rentals do not require a kinyan.