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Tales of Rabbi Nachman (Sipurei Ma`asiyot) by Nachman of Breslov, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Title Page and Contents

Title Page[edit]

Book of

(Sipurei Ma`asiyoth)

Which we have been privileged to hear from the mouth of Rabbeinu Hakadosh, the Hidden and Concealed Light, Nachal Nove`a Mekor Chokhmah/ The Gushing Stream, The Source of Wisdom[1], HaRav Rebbe NACHMAN ztzuk"l of Breslev, great grandson of the Ba`al Shem Tov Hakadosh and composer of the books Likutei Moharan and several other compendia.

Go out and see the might of your Master[2] Who has illuminated heavenly Torah for us to enliven us as [sure as] it is this day[3], for the everlasting world[4]; and our God has not forsaken us in our servitude but has extended kindness to us[5] in each and every generation and has sent us deliverers and rabbis and tzadikei yesodei `olam/righteous ones, foundation of the world[6] to teach us the way. His first [mercies] have come to pass[7] and yet His mercies have not ceased[8] at any period or any time. And He has performed kindness for us, drawing water from the wellsprings of salvation[9], ancient things, words which are the secret of the world[10], under wonderful and awesome clothings. See and understand and look at His wonderful and awesome way, which is an inheritance to us from our holy forefathers who were during ancient times in Yisrael.

For such is the way of the upper holy ones[11], harvesters of the field[12], who raised their hands and hearts to God, to clothe and conceal the King's treasure houses in story tales according to the generation and according to the times, knowing the understanding of times, to know what Yisrael should do, until [Mashiach] arises and delivers Tziyon and returns to build the ruins of Ariel. “Now Ya`akov and Yisrael are told what God has done.”[13]

   In the year          575          l"pk [Jewish year 5575]


Other Online Editions[edit]







Some Offline Print Editions[edit]

,ספר סיפורי מעשיות Keren Hadfasah D’Chasidei Breslev, Jerusalem, 2002. A newly typeset edition of the original 1815 version, including the Second Introduction from the second printing and “many corrections."

Rabbi Nachman’s Stories, Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, Breslov Research Institute, Jerusalem, 1985.

See Also[edit]

  • Chayei Moharan #123: Arguing with the Ba`al Davar, and Encounter with the Shpoler Zeide. Related to Tale #7.


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