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Teng Wang Ge Xu (Preface to the Teng Wang Pavilion)
by Wang Bo, translated from Chinese by [[Author:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and Wikisource
146244Teng Wang Ge Xu (Preface to the Teng Wang Pavilion)WikipediaWang Bo

This is the old county of Yuzhang, new town of Hóngdu. Its zodiac divides between Yi and Zheng, and its land connects Heng and Lu. It borders three rivers and five lakes, controlling the barbaric Chu while linking with Ou and Yue. It is the refine of substances, the treasure of God. The ancient sword found there shines its light to area between the star of Niu and Dou. There are elites in its people, since the land is blessed. Chen Fan prepared exclusive ta for Xu Ru. O, the grand Hongzhou City. Its numerous buildings gather like fog. Its excellent people are as active as stars. The city lies between the military-vital place between Yi and Xia. The host and guests are all the best of the southeast of the country. The governor Mister Yan, enjoyed high fame and came here to govern this place. The mayor Mister Yuwen is the model of the moral and stayed here during his trail to his post. Today happened to be one of the ten-day holiday. Outstanding friends gather like cloud, and even noble guests come here for the gather despite the long travel. Academician Meng, the leader of literature, whose vigor of work feels like a dragon flying to the sky and colourful phoenix dancing in the air. In General Wang's arm collection, the light and the shadow of swords even seems to be purple lightning and white frost. Because my father is the governor of the County of Jiaozhi, I come to this famous place in my way to visit my father. I'm so young and ignorant but have a chance to join this ceremony by myself.

It's September now. The autumn weather feels so relaxing. The undrained water eventually turned into vapour, the water of pools is so clear. Light clouds crawls on the bright sky. A shade of purple comes into existence in the distant mountains. I drive the wagon on so high hilly roads, looking for sceneries. I came to the old-day princes' shoals and found palaces that used to shelter gods and goddesses. Hills come after hills here, and those jade green mountains even cut into the clouds. How high those skyscrapers are! Their red corridors look like to be flying in the sky, from where you even could not see the gound at all. Those small shoals resting white cranes and wild ducks, displays all their beauty of curves. And those elegant and massive palaces, even form a stylish harmony.

Pushing away a door carved with elaborate patterns, looking at brilliantly painted roofs. Those vast mountains and plains are all in my view. The curves of lakes and rivers are really amazing. The horizon is full of streets and houses and a lot of wealthy families that call family members for meals with huge bells and cook with those huge copper vessels. The ford is filled up with boats and ships, many of which are big ones decorated with patterns of cyan sparrow and yellow dragon. After raining, it's now sunny, after the rainbow faded and the clouds dispersed, the sun is shining brightly. The sunset is flying together with lonely wild goose, and the autumn water connected the sky at the horizon forming a unity. The chants spreading from the fishing boat in the dusk storm the coast of Poyang Lake. The exclaiming of wild geese feeling the coldness drawing near is now still echoing by the shore of Hengyang.

Looking away, I felt relaxed from the bottom of my heart and an unconventionally graceful mood arose. Bursts of relaxing breeze was drawn by the music played with Paixiao, and flowing clouds are attracted by those soft and slow chants. Like the gathering of the Bamboo Grove Seven Sages, people here good at drinking can drink far more than Tao Yuanming, the county sheriff of Pengze. Like singing for lotus by the Ye River, the talent of poets here exceeds that of Xie Lingyun. (Music, food, literature and conversation) These four wonderful elements are all present. (Good scenery and innermost happy things) These two most desired but most difficult things are here. Just look into the deepest sky with all your power, and enjoy ourselves as well as we can in this valuable holiday. The blue sky's being high and distant, the earth's being vast and boundless, all making people feel the endless and infinite of the universe. After the joy died out, sorrow simply attacked us inevitably. I finally understood that the entire life is predestined. Looking west trying to locate Chang'an the capital, looking east to the prosperous metropolis in Wu. The land in South has reached its end, and how deep the ocean is. The Plough in the north is so far-away, and the pillar leading to the paradise is so high that no one could climb. The endless mountains are so hard to get over. Who really have a sympathy on people that could never make their dreams come true? We are here today just guests here, even not expecting to see each other in the rest of our lives. We all have our soveirgn in our hearts, but are never summoned. When can we serve the most superior.

O, we all have different fortune which are full of frustrations. Feng Tang aged before his talents recognized, victorious Li Guang was never conferred marquis. It's not the lack of wise emperors that leads to Jia Yi's being exiled. Isn't it in an era of wise politics that Liang Hong hid in the shore of Qilu? All of these are just caused by that wise people feel poverty at ease and brilliant people conform to their fate. However, though being old, we should be more ambitious; how can we change our ambitions when our hair is turning grey? Distress as we may be in, we should hold more firmly to our integrity and never abandon our lofty aspiration. Even if we drank the fountain of Greediness, we should still feel great and be incorruptible. Even if we are fish dying in a drying pool, we should still feel joyful and relaxing. The northern ocean may be very far, we can still reach there by tornado. The morning may have passed, but we can still treasure the nightfall. Mengchang Jun is famous for his elevated moral, but died embracing the dream of serving his country. Ruan Ji is uninhibited, but how can we cry cowardly at the impasse like he did.

I am just a humble young man studying everything. Though I am 21 years old as that famous general, I have no where to ask for a chance to kill the enemy. I envy Zong Yi's heroic spirit of "break the waves riding the wind", though I also have a pulse to become a soldier. Now abandoning all possible fame and fortune, I decided to serve my father in that distant place. Though I may not be a really devoted offspring, But I would like to communicate with people with moral and talents. I will soon see my father and listen to his advices. Today I'm so honoured to accompany respected gentlemen like you, reached a new height. If not encountering an introducer like Yang Yi, He has to pity himself for his passages. Once encountering Zhong Ziqi, how could be playing Liushui is a kind of shame?

Alas, those famous sites cannot be eternal, and splendid banquet may be hard to find again. The site of Lanting Banquet has been history, Shi Cong's magnificent Zize has turned into ruins. Thanks to the blessings of the banquet, I got a chance to make up this introduction at the time to farewell. As for making poetry, I can only rely that on everyone else here. I just boldly expressed my wishes, making this short introduction. As the rhythm hintings given out to everyone present, I have made a small poem. Just wish everyone else exhibit your gifts, make marvelous poems!

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