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The Fair Magelone (1797)
by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource
Section 13
1141726The Fair Magelone — Section 131797Ludwig Tieck

13: Peter Among the Heathens

Peter recovered from his stupor just as the Sun in all its majesty was rising up out of the sea's great waves. A terrible splendour soared through the heavens and put out the Moon and the stars with it blazing rays. The water resounded and turned purple. Clouds passed across the face of the Sun and, fearful of its majesty, sailed away across the sea; and a scintillating shower of sparks spread far around, and poured in sheets over the flood. In his heart Peter felt once again the manly courage to endure life's torments as well as its joys.

A large ship sailed towards him, which was manned by Moors and heathens. They took him prisoner and were delighted with their prey, for Peter was very handsome and of lordly appearance, and his youth gave to him a delicate and charming bearing, so that no one could call himself his enemy. The captain of the vessel decided to bring him to the Sultan as a gift.

As soon as they reached shore, Peter was presented to the Sultan, who took a great liking to him and had him wait upon him at table; he also entrusted to him the care of a splendid garden. Peter was universally popular because in the Sultan eye's he appeared to be so gracious. He often walked alone among the flowers of the garden, and thought of his beloved Magelone; in the evening, he often took up his zither, and sang:

Must I be parted from you?
Must my heart then be unfaithful to you?
No, I do not call that life;
Dying is not so bitter.

When I hear a shepherd's flute,
I grieve deeply.
When I look upon the sunset,
I think passionately of you.

Is there then no true love?
Must there be pain and mourning?
Even if I remain unloved,
I shall still have a glimmer of hope.

But now I must lament thus:
Where is hope, but in the grave?
Far away I must carry my misery;
In secret, my heart shall perish.