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The Fair Magelone (1797)
by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource
Section 15
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15: How Peter Returned to Christendom

When the song had faded away, Peter regained his courage. He let the boat drift along in the wind, sat down and sang:

Fresh and joyful, my thoughts soar.
I have cast aside all my worries.
With renewed courage I strive.
A new desire has awoken in my breast.

The stars are mirrored in the sea,
And golden gleam the waves.
Staggering, I ran giddily about:
Knew not whether I was coming or going!

But now my doubts and wavering thoughts
Have been stifled.
O bear me, you rocking waves,
To the homeland I have long yearned for.

There, in the loving darkling distance,
The songs of my native land call to me.
From every star
My homeland looks down with gentle eyes.

Make smooth your surface, O faithful wave.
Guide me along distant paths
To the well-beloved threshold,
To my happy fate at last!

At dawn, the land lay like an indistinguishable blue cloud low down on the horizon. Peter was almost frightened; the almighty sea and celestial vault that surrounded him seemed so vast and infinite. In the distance he saw a ship sailing toward him, and he almost thought that he was dreaming of his former misfortune. But when it came closer, he saw that the sailors were Christians. They were happy to take him aboard without delay, and he rejoiced when he heard that they were bound for France.