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The High Mountains  (1918)  by Zacharias Papantoniou, translated from Greek by Wikisource
A Teacher in the Community
A Teacher in the Community

Good. Let it be said that they taught him the alphabet; they taught him how to pronounce each syllable. But after? Phanis as much as Dimos realised that they couldn't teach this child to read any further. He needed someone better than them to take over the responsibility.

Once back at the cabins, they recounted what had happened.

“He is so young, said Phanis. And you should see how he looks at the letters and how he learns them”.

All the children were moved by this story. They wanted to bring Lambros there, so each of them could teach him to read in turn.

“No, only one person will work with him” said Andreas.

Who will be the one? At this moment they wondered which one of them knew best how to read, and they chose Dimitrakis. He's the one who's going to teach the young Vlach.

So the community even includes a school