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The High Mountains  (1918)  by Zacharias Papantoniou, translated from Greek by Wikisource
Years later
Years later

All the old people remember this story. They told us that years after, a teacher came along to the village and left his mark.

He took children and taught them under the trees.

When it wasn't a harsh winter, their classroom was sometimes under a pine tree, sometimes under a plane tree.

They took their books and read all together on the hillsides, in the sun and in the fresh air.

From there he showed them their surroundings, the ground, the sun, all the creatures. He took them near cows, sheep, goats, hens so they could learn how they lived.

He taught them the life of the trees, birds and insects. In the beautiful starry nights, from a headland, he showed them the stars and named them.

He taught them to write everything they saw in the world and everything they had in their heads and in their thoughts.

This teacher was called Lambros.

As for Gkeka, we don't know what became of him. Men rarely teach the history of dogs.