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To My Dear People!
by Nicholas I of Montenegro, translated from Serbian by Wikisource

Proclamation of the Kingdom of Montenegro. Translation to English by Nikola Smolenski.

84037To My Dear People!Nicholas I of Montenegro

To My Dear People!

The People's Representation, as the expression of Your thoughts and feelings, enthusiastic by desire, to crown the day of the fifty years of My rule with an act, which will reward My good people for its centurial strife, for its courage, sacrifice, and superhuman efforts, and with a look into glorious past of our Fatherland, which gave to Serbdom the first powerful and recognised Kingdom, has brought unanimously in its today's session the recommendation, to renew our old Kingdom and that on today's day Montenegro is declared as Kingdom, and Me to receive dignity of the King.

As I have accepted that recommendation of the People's Representation and with my signature made it into law, I declare, in the name of Lord God, our Fatherland for Kingdom, and Myself by the grace of God, for Hereditary King of Montenegro.

Announcing this to My dear people, I call upon the mercy of God to our country and I pray to the Allmighty, to bless our work, as it would be on luck, glory and greatness of Montenegro!

Given in Our Capital of Cetinje, on the Dormition of the Theotokos on the year of 1910.

Nicholas I m.p.

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