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To Swisss! (1865)
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource

Szwajcarom!” published in vol. „Krople Czary”, Part II, P. Rhode, Leipzig, 1865, pp. 139-140. The translation was published in 2020 by Marcin Tarnowski in: Władysław Tarnowski „Artysta i cierpienie” , Vol. I., 2020, ISBN : 978-83-945674-3-9, „To Swisss!” , pp. 70-71.

2488217To Swisss!1865Władysław Tarnowski

You, which wanderers’ eaglets of the Mother
You hug only brotherly,
You, this our motherland will remember
It will pay back – in future hour!...
You the men of Tel, which decease of Kościuszko
You were, in tears the witnesses.
God this will remember! And from suns of his throne
He will reward with pearls of dew
                            Over your children’s heads!..
Because – (a shame to say) among the space of world –
In one Swiss a Pole has a brother today!...