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What I wish for you, sweet Romania (1867)
by Mihai Eminescu, translated from Romanian by Wikisource
1702328What I wish for you, sweet Romania1867Mihai Eminescu

What I wish for you, sweet Romania,
My glorious country, my country I yearn for?
The nervous arms, arms with vigour,
Your great past, a constant future!
Boil the wine in its cups, make it foam,
If your proud children wish it so;
The rock remains, although the wave dies,
Sweet Romania, I desire you.
I dream of vengeance, black as the grave
Your sword of blood, smoking/steaming from the enemy,
and on top of the hydra which billows by the wind
Your dream of proud, succeeding glory
What they say of the world, coloured flags,
That which are the people, grand and Romanian,
When he strikes, sacrificing his naive flame
Sweet Romania, this I wish for you.
The angel of love, the angel of peace,
Mysteriously smiling on Vesta's altar,
That becomes blind to the glorious Mars
When your lamp illuminates the world,
Him on your breast that continues sloping down,
That like the happiness of celestial paradise,
You take it in the arms, make altars,
Sweet, Romania, this I desire for you.
What I wish for you, sweet Romania,
You, young bride, mother with love!
your children always live as brothers
Like stars in the night, as dawn,
Life in eternity, glory, joy,
Weapons with strength,for the Romanian soul
Dream of courage, pride and grandeur,
Sweet Romania, this I desire for you!